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Addressing Race in Ballet and Capoeira

By Kate Feinberg Robins, PhD Not Enough Racial equity within ballet and capoeira has always been an important part of our mission at Find Your Center. It is implicit in everything we do. The events of the past few weeks have led us to realize that we need to make this work more explicit:  ​ It is not enough to welcome students of color into our classrooms. We also need to talk with  all  of our students about  why most American ballet schools are so overwhelmingly white .   It is not enough to teach a martial art with African origins. We also need to teach our students how those origins have been  obscured and appropriated by white institutions .   It is not enough to  be  a Black- and woman-owned business. We also need to show our students  Black dancers and capoeira masters who they can look up to . ​ It is not enough for me to use my skills as a cultural anthropologist to communicate competently with families of color. I also n