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Teaching Race to Young Children: Unity and Black Role Models

By Kate Feinberg Robins, PhD In my recent blog post  Addressing Race in Ballet and Capoeira , I discussed Find Your Center’s commitment to bringing race and social justice explicitly into our dance and capoeira classrooms. Here I share my experience doing this with my 2-4 year-old Bilingual Creative Movement class in early June. This is part of an ongoing effort to decolonize our curricula and educate our students in social justice as well as dance and martial arts.  Tips for Addressing Race & Diversity with Young Children Make it relevant.  Find the underlying emotions and experiences that young children can relate to.  Use nonverbal communication.  Have kids participate through moving, clapping, and body language.  Don't put anyone on the spot.  You may have some children & families who are more likely to have personal experiences with racism than others. Don't make assumptions about their experiences,  and don't expect that those who ha